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01.03.2019 – Every Body..Every Shape..Every Day by Capri Launceston

banner Attention Women!! Read this and get inspired by the words of Michelle Clark, the owner of Capri Launceston, a lingerie boutique in Tasmania. Leading the way for women to feel confident in their own skin.

  LL: What is the history behind Capri Launceston and what made you want to open a boutique?

MC: Capri Launceston was established 65 years ago. It is an iconic Launceston business. I purchased the business 12 years ago, after working here for 5 years decided I wanted to own this beautiful established business. My business offers a professional fitting service and stocks a lot of exclusive European brands as well as basics in lingerie, sleepwear and swimwear. We offer a prosthetic fitting service as well.

  LL: Tell us some of the most rewarding things about running your own boutique?

MC: Since purchasing the business we have held onto all of the previous customers and tried to cater for and open up our marketing for “Everybody , Every shape , Everyday”..No age shape or person is discriminated upon. And we find the most rewarding comments being “ I don’t think you can help me”...And then of course we can.

  LL: What do you feel sets you apart from other boutiques selling lingerie and sleepwear?

MC: Satisfying our clients needs no matter what they are after ,makes us smile. If we haven’t got something in store, we will go out of our way to find it. We hold records from as far back as the first customer 65 years ago. If a customer requires something that they had 20 years ago if we can not supply that, we will get dam well close to it. Nothing at all is a hassle to us. And we make sure our customers know this.

  LL: What do you look for when deciding which brands and styles to stock?

MC: Of course we look for high fashion, beautiful textures and prints. Keeping up with the fashion market the best we can. Also being very mindful that a lot of our clientele is a basic customer, so we need to have a huge range of up dated basic stock also.

  LL: What advice would you give to a customer who was nervous about buying lingerie?

MC: If my customer was nervous, I would let her know that we look at the bra not the body. Every one is different and we work all day, every day with different body shapes. My advise is start with a great foundation. Great basic every day bra, good firm no panty line brief, and build on that.

street   LL: We have loved seeing your images on Social Media of your latest Marketing Campaign, how did you come up with the idea?

MC: Over the last 8 years we have focused on real people and real customers. Our first campaign had one of our gorgeous customers walking the streets of Launceston in an amazing set. We captured the public expressions and it was a real hit.

Then for our 60th birthday (3 years later) we had 50 women walk St. John street and burn their clothing in a turn around of burning the bras 60 years ago. Showcasing how comfortable ladies were in their lingerie. It was a huge success and we had to be very smart about how we did our latest campaign. To better it.. So we sent out a public fb message and asked our customers if they would like to be part of this new exciting campaign.

The response was overwhelming. So many customers, friends and family and a lot of our breast cancer survivors. We had to cap the participants, they just kept coming in. So many ladies who had body image issues, and needed to do something for their own self esteem. It was truly a “take a deep breathe moment" for me.

As the business owner, getting these ladies comfortable, confident and happy in their own skin made my year. To want to be filmed in the lingerie comfortably for tv was amazing. They all oozed confidence.

  LL: What message did you want to send out by showing this Campaign?

MC: The message I’m sending is

We are all different. We are all beautiful, no matter what shape and size. No matter what flaws we have.  We are all woman. We love ourselves, respect ourselves, we be who we are.

fun photo

LL: Can you tell us some highlights of the shooting of this Campaign?

MC: Highlights of this campaign for me personally was having a group of breast cancer survivors come in together, get their clothes off together, and sing and dance and be proud of their bodies, with or without breasts feeling happy to be a woman, happy to be alive. Being with other woman who looked at them as totally equal. No one judged anyone. Everyone felt as equally sexy, feminine and comfortable.

  LL: How has this Campaign influenced you, your staff, and your customers?

MC: The campaign has certainly made my customers and viewers more aware that you don’t have to be stick thin or what some people’s interpretations of a model is to look amazing. Confidence is what is beautiful. Not the body. If you wear something that you feel beautiful in you throw off beauty. As far as my staff and I, well we get influenced every day by The bodies, The shapes, The sizes, The stories, The ladies.

As long as everyone walks out of my store happy, confident, comfortable in their own skin, we are doing our job well. And I am proud of every woman I come in contact with everyday.

  If you are in Launceston, take a trip to the Capri Launceston Boutique:
89 St John Street
Launceston, Tasmania
or online www.caprilaunceston.com.au
or find them on social media to see their inspiring campaign Facebook.com@caprilauncestontas or @caprilaunceston on Instagram