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Love & Lustre Post

12.12.18 – Blogger Anna Segova in the Spotlight

EYcSp57M Anna Segova is a young enthusiastic blogger with a marketing background. Through instagram she shares her lifestyle of fashion and beauty, promoting a simple and timeless life. We caught up with Anna to find out more about her and what she loves about our sleepwear and lingerie.

LL: Can you tell our readers about yourself and why you decided to start blogging?

  Anna: I love creating visual content and sharing my fashion, lifestyle and beauty finds – which led me to give blogging a go. I aim to promote an ‘au naturel’ beauty routine, being conscious of what we put on our skin, simple living and timeless fashion. I hadn’t expected that my audience would start growing so quickly or that I would ever get to the point of having 16K followers on my blog. The feedback, love and engagement I received from my followers became my main motivation to keep at it.

  LL: Does your Marketing/Advertising background help for blogging?

  Anna: It definitely does. Part of the reason why I’ve started blogging consistently was to learn more about Instagram, test the best practices of establishing a digital presence. My experience in marketing helps to stay in the loop with recent changes and trends required in growing my blog.

  LL: How would you describe your personal style?

  Anna: Simple and classic. I have a lot of basic items in my wardrobe and I like timeless designs that I can mix and match to suit different occasions.

  LL: What are your favourite piece/s in the Love&Lustre collection for Spring Summer 18/19, and why/what do you love about them?

  Anna: The Silk Robe paired with Silk Lace Chemise – these are so light and soft to touch. It feels and looks so elegant, luxurious and most importantly light and breathable – a perfect pair for those hot summer nights!

  LL: What quote do you live by?

  Anna: Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.

  LL: We love to empower women – what makes you feel empowered?

  Anna: Looking good – for myself, being my best every day and feeling confident with myself.

  LL: What are your five essentials to eat, drink or do to keep you looking and feeling good throughout spring and summer?

  Anna: First things first, I always use a sunscreen SPF50+ during the day in spring and summer to protect my skin from harmful UV rays. On hot days out, I also carry a small micellar water face mist with me to freshen up and cool down. I have lighter meals during the warmer days and often switch to a vegetarian diet with lots of fruits and veggies in my diet. That helps to cope with the heat, while enjoying delicious and nutritious seasonal produce. Drink a lot of water on hot days! I also try to avoid caffeine that could lead to dehydration, but give in every now and then. And finally, to spend more time outdoors enjoying the best summer can offer.

  LL: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

  Anna: Honestly, it’s everything. I love summer season: wearing lighter clothes, going out more and enjoying some time at the beach. I’m also looking forward to taking a few trips across the state – summer is the perfect time to get out of town for a short weekend trip! I have visiting Blue Mountains Caves and sandboarding at Port Stephens on my bucket list for this summer, but who knows where I might end up going.

  LL: If you could go on a girls’ weekend anywhere in the world, where would you go?

  Anna: Definitely Paris. I’ve always wanted to visit and there is just something so dreamy and romantic about this city.

  LL: What would you say would be the “inner beauty” qualities you love about your best girlfriends?

  Anna: Them always being there for me in my ups and downs, supporting me and encouraging me with their positive outlook.

  To see more of Anna you can find her on Instagram _anutka_