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15.10.15 – Spring Racing Carnival

blog racing_opt-3 The 2015 Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is about to kick off. What a great time of year for Melbourne! All ladies enjoy shopping for a new outfit, or a few new outfits, to attend this glamorous event. It takes a lot of time, thought and grooming getting the look you want just right.   Dressing for the races is unlike dressing for any other occasion. Effort is put into the entire outfit, from millinery to shoes and everything in between. The Spring Racing style is about femininity but with an edge. Thought needs to go into the colour, texture and shape of your outfit. It must flatter the wearer and suit the race day meet.   Those who are best dressed are those who find the styles they love, then push the limits with accessories, footwear and millinery. So be bold when dressing for the races and find your inner creative flair to create a look to be remembered. Slide1   One item that should not be forgotten is the right undergarments. Uncomfortable or unflattering underwear can make or break an outfit. Love and Lustre create garments for this very reason. Made from the most beautiful fabrics we can find and using the best techniques to finish each garment. Ensuring you’re not plucking and pulling constantly and so you feel the best you can all day long. Slide1   So while you’re spending hours putting your outfit together, put time into the right underwear too.   Love and Lustre xx     (photo credit: http://bit.ly/1ruXnAq)