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Love & Lustre Post

21.05.18 – Model Spotlight: Baylee Mullen

We thought we would sit down and get to know Baylee Mullen, the beauty who featured in our Winter 2018 Collection. Read on to find out how she keeps herself healthy over winter.
LL: We are excited about our Winter 2018 Collection and love you in it, what are your favourite piece/s in the Love&Lustre collection, and why/what do you love about them?
B:My favourite piece in the collection is the long silk slip! The quality and feel is unlike any other and my second favourite is the silk sleep shirt, they are both so comfortable and feel amazing!
LL: What is your favourite way to relax in winter?
B: My favourite way to relax in winter would have to be in a big cosy dressing gown, glass of wine and any marvel movie on the tv!
LL: What are your beauty tips for great skin and health in winter?
B: My beauty tips for winter is to moisturise!! Every morning and night and drinking lots of water helps to prevent my skin from drying out in the colder months.
LL: What pieces in your wardrobe can’t you live without?
B: From my wardrobe I'll have to say my black high waisted skinny jeans! They are perfect for any occasion and can be dressed up with a black pair of boots or dressed down with a pair of converse!
LL: What quote do you live by?
B: Number one quote is 'everything happens for a reason' I have always lived by it and love.
LL: Can you tell us something that would surprise us about you?
B: Something that might surprise you is that I am a very messy person! I like to think of it as a organised mess though...
LL: Which women most inspire you?
B: My mum inspires me most, she's always been my best friend and keeps my head screwed on!
LL: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
B: And she (my mum) gave me the best advise I ever got and that would be that you can't please everyone and following that is to always go with my my first instinct.
LL: What is the one thing you do that always makes you feel fantastic?
B: One thing that always makes me feel fantastic is a long hot shower and then getting into my PJ's, no matter what mood I'm in a shower will usually lift it.
Baylee Mullen (Instagram @BayleeMullen) from Brazen Model Agency