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15.09.15 – Spring clean your Knickers Drawer

229A1964b edit_opt Is your underwear draw a mess? Are you sick of the clutter? Well don’t get your knickers in a knot! Its time for a Knickers drawer renewal!

You Spring clean your house and your wardrobe, but don’t overlook the underwear drawer. The main cause of underwear chaos are the knickers that we think we will wear one day, but don’t, or the sentimental knickers or the “Lucky” knickers. But if you haven’t worn them in the past 3 months, they’re too loose or too tight, if holes are forming or if they just aren’t comfortable, you won’t wear them again, so toss them to the underwear gods!

Once your underwear draw is neat and tidy you’ll be able to see what extras will make your drawer complete. Make sure you have the everyday basics as well as a few ooh la la items for those times you want to feel sexy inside and out.

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We all get inspired to shop for pretty things once the sun comes out. Why not try our Knickers from our Softies Story. Our Cotton Softies are crafted from premium soft pima cotton that actually improves with age; a beautiful lightweight and natural fabric for everyday. Our Lace Softies are crafted from super soft, pretty floral stretch lace; making you feel feminine and comfortable.  

Then all you have to decide is whether you store them by rolling or folding.  

Get yourself an underwear drawer to be proud of.  
Love and Lustre xx